Metal Recycling

Metal recycling is the practice of reprocessing old metal material, chiefly aluminum and steel, to build new products. Recycling old metal products utilizes a reduced amount of energy than manufacturing it from the new materials.


Bowen Resources is an internationally acclaimed, competitive industry providing environmental-friendly raw materials to the metals manufacturers with vital logistic potential and tailored services such as factory clean ups with excavator offered upon negotiation, Rural clean ups, Quarry clean ups and Provision of bins onsite.


 Star Pickets

We sell best-in-class Star Pickets. All of them are imported from China and resold here in Australia. Our sturdy Star Pickets are designed for long life and regular use. Presently, we have thousands of sturdy Star Pickets in our stock. They are custom made and either Black tar or galvanized to prevent rust.


 Plastic Recycling

Bowen Resources leads the plastic recycling industry in Townsville and its adjoining areas across Australia. The reasons we have successfully been at the forefront of plastic recycling technology development, providing plastic recycling collection services to business and industry are our reliable and sustainable services along our cost effective rates.




Since its’ inception in early 2007, Bowen Resources Pty Ltd has now come to be noted as a heavyweight in the field of recycling industry comprising plastics and metals. An invaluable partner to those companies that gradually acknowledging the requirements for corporate accountability and dependability.


Bowen Resources is working diligently and industriously to expand the scope of the services that has been provided and therefore also augment the multiplicity and quantity of recyclable materials that are dealt with. We have a sweeping range of equipments along with heavy duty balers which assists us with improved capability to manage the scrap materials.


We supply scrap tyre disposal services in the subsequent areas in Townsville as well as Bowen.


Bowen Resources has narrowed down its’ service area with the focused attention in the buying and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, both nationally as well as globally. We focus our attention in the services like “Factory clean ups” with the support of excavator, the process of “Rural clean ups”, “Quarry clean ups” and a catering and allocation of bins onsite.


Bowen resources is also providing inexpensive plastic recycling collection services to business and industry coupled with the process of collection and transportation and thus taking care of environment by decreasing carbon footprint.


  • Bin & Collection Services
  • Drop Off Services

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